Emergency Contact Information

If you have an emergency maintenance issue after normal business hours (8 to 5, Monday – Friday) Please contact one of the people below for assistance. They will contact Leland Management or the Maintenance staff as needed to address the issue. Wayne should not be contacted directly, your issue should be directed to one of these contacts to be processed.

Building 1 - Tom Creecy 262-880-5061/321-607-6045

Building 3 - Walt Covington 321-383-9742/321-482-9688

Building 5 - Harry Holmgren 443-926-3123

Building 7 - Harry Holmgren 443-926-3123

Contact Information

You can reach Rusty at 321-269-2433 from 8 – 4:30, Monday thru Friday. This same number will also reach our evening and weekend Compliance Officer for assistance.

Maintenance Staff
- Rusty, Wayne, Johnnie, Sherri

Property Manager, Leland Management

Elisha Crean, Community Association Manager

(321) 383-7580 (office)
(321) 549-0953 (Rockledge office)
(321) 383-7581 (fax)
Office Hours
Monday - Thursday from 8:00 to 4:30
Friday - Office Closed. Call the HP Office # 269-2433

Contact the Board

Els Van Engelenburg, President
Harry Holmgren, Vice-President
Tom Creecy, Treasurer
Jo Lynn Nelson, Secretary
Harold McNally, Director

Harbor Pointe Mailing Address:

Harbor Pointe Condominium Association

7 Indian River Ave Box 1206

Titusville, FL 32796

For additions or corrections please notify the webmaster.

Maintenance Request

Requests are for common area items only. All issues inside a condo unit are the responsibility of the owner. Requests go to Leland Management for scheduling.





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