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    Florida Statute 718

    Storm Preparedness

      1. Hurricane Preparedness
      2. Closing Your Unit for the Summer & Preparing for a Storm/Hurricane in Your Absence
      3. Storm Preparation Advice to Unit Owners and Renters Who Remain Here for the Summer
      4. Harbor Pointe Storm Preparation Plan
      5. Annual Hurricane/Storm Preparedness Review Items
      6. Activities and Precautions Which Should Be Performed By Property Manager And Staff Prior To Any Hurricane or Major Storm
      7. Association Activities Which Should Be Performed After A Hurricane/Major Storm By The Property Manager And Staff or Board of Directors, Where Noted

      1. Hurricane Preparedness

      The Harbor Pointe Board of Directors and its Hurricane Preparedness Committee have provided the following guidelines to assist you in preparing for the annual storm and hurricane season. In the event of a hurricane, it may not be possible to contact Harbor Pointe by telephone to obtain a property damage update. However, special notices will be posted on the front page of the Association website, This will describe the status of the storm, and contain pertinent notes on general damage. No one will be available to answer specific questions, or carry out tasks with regard to individual condominium units so it is important that you properly secure your unit for storm events prior to leaving for the season. The following information is not meant to be a complete storm/hurricane preparedness guide for you; it only relates to certain issues at our condominium. You can obtain booklets on how to prepare for hurricanes from, among other places, CVS Pharmacies and the Publix grocery store. The following links may also be helpful:
      National Hurricane Center - NHC.NOAA.Gov
      Florida Disaster – Florida Division of Emergency Management - FloridaDisaster.Org
      Brevard County Emergency Management - BrevardCounty.US/EmergencyManagement/Home
      The City of Titusville; Departments; Emergency Management -
      WESH2; Hurricanes; Action Plans -
      Weather Channel; Tropical Storms and Hurricanes -
      NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce -
      FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency -
      American Red Cross -

      2. Closing Your Unit for the Summer & Preparing for a Storm/Hurricane in Your Absence

      Each summer, there are many intense storms which threaten Titusville. Often, there is only a small window of time during which our Property Manager and the Board of Directors members in-residence have the opportunity to prepare common areas and their own property for a storm and to evacuate, if necessary. It is important that those of you who plan to be away for the summer make all necessary arrangements to protect your units and personal property. The following are suggestions which were developed during previous storm/hurricane seasons, and which the Board believes might be helpful to all Owners planning to be away during the storm season:
      A. Tell the Association where you are going to be during your absence, with telephone numbers, e-mail address, cell phone numbers, and location. Twenty-four hours prior to any major tropical storm or hurricane, the office telephone will be left to receive messages only and will not be answered prior to or immediately following the event.
      B. Arrange for a caretaker (a neighbor, friend, family member, or maintenance service), to regularly inspect your condominium to make sure everything is ready for a major storm, and after the storm, to ascertain what damage, if any, has occurred. If you plan to leave a car in the parking lot, make sure that the caretaker has a key to it and park it out away from the building.
      C. Close your hurricane shutters and remove all personal items from the balcony.
      D. Remove all furniture from front bedroom balcony (end unit owners), and close storm shutter.
      E. Make sure that the Property Manager has keys to your front door (and screen door).
      F. Wedge towels in the tracks of your (exposed) sliding glass windows/doors. This will minimize wind-driven water coming in under the door.
      G. Use “Bactivate” solution in all drains; 8 ounces per drain and then 8 ounces of hot water. Do not use the sink after treatment.
      H. Cover all toilets with plastic wrap to contain sewer gases.
      I. Turn off main water valves to your unit.
      J. Remove all perishable foods from your refrigerator and freezer and turn off ice-maker. Throw these food items away! You’ll be glad you did if the electricity is off for any significant period of time.
      K. Verify that your Homeowners’ insurance policy provides the coverage you need.
      L. Make a fresh back-up of important personal data in your computer.
      M. Unplug, or turn off at the breaker, your computer(s), TVs and other electrical appliances before you leave. This type of equipment can be permanently damaged by unstable voltage.
      N. Have your air conditioner inspected and make sure that the drain line is cleaned out with bleach and that the filters are changed. Leave the A/C set at less than 80 degrees.
      O. Owners should video/photograph units prior to leaving for use in case of damage. Also take a copy of your insurance policies with you.
      P. Lock all doors and windows.
      Q. The Board will post updates to the homepage to keep residents and non-resident owners informed about damage to the complex and will send out e-mail updates. These updates may be somewhat delayed, however, due to numerous tasks required to secure the condominium common elements.

      3. Storm Preparation Advice to Unit Owners and Renters Who Remain Here for the Summer

      The following information is provided to aid in your planning and preparation prior to a storm/hurricane event: A. You should add these items to your hurricane supply list.
      1) Extension cord (commercial grade) of sufficient length to reach from your refrigerator to the closest exterior building floor outlet. If your electrical power is off after the storm you can operate your refrigerator through the emergency generator that powers the walkway lights and outlets. Do not plug in extension cord to outlet until the storm passes.
      2) Power strip with circuit breaker should be attached to your extension cord to prevent overloading the building breaker.
      B. Alarm System – The Condominium Building Alarm system is powered by the emergency generator and will automatically connect through the telephone system for 8 hours after power is out in case of a fire. After 8 hours, the telephone lines will be dead. Calls reporting fires must be made by cell phone to 911.
      C. Use of a personal generator, gas appliance or propane tank grill is prohibited in all condominium units, balcony or walkway areas.
      D. The elevators will be brought to the fifth floor and shut down when mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for our area.

      These useful telephone numbers and links are provided for obtaining further information:

      A. Federal Agencies
      1) FEMA Registration 1-800-621-3362;
      2) FEMA Fraud Detection 1-800-323-8603;
      3) National Flood Insurance 1-888-379-9531;
      4) US Small Business Administration 1-800-827-5722;
      5) Social Security Administration 1-866-964-6146;
      6) Internal Revenue Service 1-800-829-1040;
      7) Housing & Urban Development 1-800-333-4636;
      8) Department of Veterans Affairs 1-800-827-1000;
      B. State Agencies
      1) Florida Emergency Information 1-800-342-3557;
      2) Department of Financial Services 1-877-693-5236;
      3) Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services 1-800-435-7352;
      4) Florida Department of Economic Opportunity – Reemployment Assistance Program (formerly Unemployment Compensation Program) 1-800-204-2418;
      5) Florida Office of the Attorney General, Price Gouging 1-866-966-7226;

      4. Harbor Pointe Hurricane/Storm Preparation Plan

      Your Board has put together a plan that will assist in providing for the safety and well- being of our residents and condominium complex during local hurricanes and major storm events. Major storm preparation support is provided by two main activity groups:
      Group 1 – Property Manager and staff and Harbor Pointe Board of Directors
      Group 2 – Resident Coordinators (Hurricane Preparedness Committee members)

      The activities of both groups are divided into three time frames:
      A. Pre-Storm Event (48 hours prior)
      Group 1 – Secure condominium common element infrastructure as noted in activities list.
      Group 2 – Facilitate closure of all balcony shutters and ensure that the building walkways are clear as noted in the activities list.
      B. During Storm Event
      Group 1 – Board of Directors stay current on storm events affecting the condominium complex and take action as appropriate.
      Group 2 – Report significant building/area events to appointed Board member coordinator via radio phone/cell phone.
      C. Post- Storm Event
      Group 1 – Restore condominium complex to normal operation and provide for repairs, as required, as noted in the activities list.
      Group 2 – Report general condition of building and immediate area to designated Director and/or Property Manager and provide other assistance to Board as required.

      5. Annual Hurricane/Storm Preparedness Review Items to be performed by the Property Manager and Board of Directors (as noted)

      A. Up-date, and keep current, the Storm Preparedness Information on the condominium website (BOD).
      B. Ensure that clear and concise instructions are posted near the Emergency Generator control panel, on how to reset or otherwise control the Emergency Generator system (PM).
      C. Conduct training orientation for all new Directors and other involved persons as to all emergency procedures, including operation of the Emergency Generator, water shut-off valves, fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler system, pool pumps, and main electrical system controls and switches (PM).
      D. Develop and maintain check lists for securing the complex from potential flying debris, shutting down the pool systems, and securing all facilities (PM).
      E. Review the Harbor Pointe Hurricane/Storm Preparedness Plan of Action annually for appropriate revisions (BOD & PM).
      F. Establish a master contact list of board members, management personnel, and service vendors that can be used for storm preparation and mitigation. This list should be concise with name of vendor contacts and phone numbers (PM).

      6. Activities and Precautions Which Should Be Performed By Property Manager and Staff Prior To Any Hurricane or Major Storm

      A. Back up all critical computer data and place backup disc in a safe place, preferably off premises.
      B. Contact trash collection provider for additional pickup of dumpsters, as appropriate, well ahead of the storm.
      C. Secure all Association documents from potential wind and water damage and move the Harbor Pointe facility drawings to an upper floor.
      D. Secure or put all outside furniture, plants, hoses, and other loose material or equipment inside the Club House or in one of the other buildings.
      E. Make sure roof-top doors are secured. Secure sprinkler access panel doors on all buildings, as required.
      F. Secure Clubhouse from potential wind and water damage:
      1) Seal bottom areas of all external door entrances with plastic, tape and sandbags to prevent water encroachment.
      2) Seal door seams, as appropriate, to minimize water entry.
      3) Inspect all windows and seal edges that may be vulnerable to water leaks.
      G. Secure resident buildings to include installing vent shutters (as available), and removing outside ashtrays/waste containers.
      H. Secure all trash room doors
      I. For the Pool and Club House:
      1) Shut down all systems – electrical and propane.
      2) Secure all pool tools.
      3) Wrap all electrical components, such as the pool pump, in plastic.
      4) Put all pool area furniture in the Club House or other facilities.
      5) Shock the pool with dry chlorine or equivalent (To be completed by Pool Company or Property Management Staff if appropriately trained).
      J. Tie security gates to prevent damage from wind.
      K. Run and check the Emergency Generator for proper operation.
      L. Make sure that the list of Contractors and other service people who might be needed after or during the storm is up-to-date.
      M. Make sure that any available information on Owners who are away is provided to the Hurricane Preparedness Committee Chairman for their use.
      N. When the County orders a mandatory evacuation for our area: Bring all elevator cabs up to the 5th. floor of each building and shut them down for the duration of the storm (PM or BOD, as appropriate).

      7. Association Activities Which Should Be Performed After A Hurricane/Major Storm By The Property Manager and Staff or Board of Directors, Where Noted

      A. Conduct a thorough inspection of the Association common property as soon as time permits.
      B. Take photographs of any material damage to Association property.
      C. Bring elevators back in service if not operating.
      D. As soon as possible, Board Members and Property Manager should meet to review the overall status of Association property and make specific assignments for corrective action. Review status and address new problems periodically.
      E. Prepare a comprehensive list of all corrective action required. Establish a priority for the work required, with emphasis on the safety of our residents and contract personnel.
      Coordinate with, and obtain approval from the Board of Directors to implement corrective actions.
      F. Contact our proven contractors and vendors for repairs.
      G. Ensure that the homepage is updated with instructions and pertinent information for owners (BOD).
      H. Reset all timers for lights and lawn sprinklers.
      I. Put the pool back in operating condition.
      J. Determine whether a special assessment will be required for storm damage mitigation and, if so, notify all Owners (Board of Directors).
      K. Coordinate with the Harbor Pointe attorney, as appropriate, on actions that are being taken and, in particular, on any major contracts contemplated (Board of Directors).
      L. Property Manager and the Directors should meet to review plans, coordinate funding availability, and assign specific responsibilities. Make sure that vendors can be contacted if needed during a weekend or at night, as necessary.
      M. Review the “Storm Plan” to see if additions or changes are needed as a result of the most recent storm (BOD and PM).

      For additions or corrections please notify the webmaster.

    Insurance Information

    Certificate of Insurance Requests
    Certificate of insurance for Harbor Pointe Condo Association is available for convenient immediate download at for lenders working on new loans and refinancing loans. This website allows for 24/7 access to certificates with no wait time.

    If you are a unit owner and received a letter from your lender requesting a renewal certificate of insurance on an existing loan, please forward a copy of the letter from your lender to This letter will provide the following needed information:

    • Name of the Association
    • Unit Owners Name(s)
    • Owners Address & Unit number (if applicable)
    • Loan Number
    • Mortgagee Clause that Includes the Name and Address of Bank

      Should you have any issues, please contact our team at for assistance.

    State mandated insurance notice (PDF) ----> Click <-----

    Fire Sprinkler Letter of Installation

    You can find a letter here to indicate that Harbor Pointe has Fire Sprinklers installed.

    Flood Insurance Certificates

    See Brown and Brown information above.